Remedial Courses

Spanish foundational and remedial mathematics courses for English Language Learners.

Research has shown that students who are proficient in their native language tend to perform better academically than those who are not. For ELL students, this means that having access to mathematics classes in their first language, Spanish, can be a significant advantage. It can help them understand mathematical concepts more easily and improve their overall academic performance.  Spanish mathematics foundational classes are important for ELL students for several reasons:

Building basic math skills:

Math foundational classes provide ELLs with the opportunity to learn basic math skills such as number sense, measurement, and geometry. These fundamental math concepts are necessary for understanding more advanced math concepts.

Bridging language gaps:

Math classes often involve difficult vocabulary and terminology. Foundational classes allow ELLs to become familiar with math terminology, which can help them understand math concepts more easily.

Developing critical thinking skills:

Math foundational classes provide ELLs with the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills. Through these classes, ELLs can build confidence in their problem-solving abilities, which can increase their motivation to learn.

Increasing confidence:

ELLs who are struggling in math may become discouraged and lose confidence in their academic abilities. Foundational classes can help build confidence by providing a supportive learning environment that focuses on building skills at a slower pace.

Improving future academic success:

Math skills are important for success in a range of academic disciplines. By mastering foundational math skills, ELLs can increase their chances of achieving success in academics and in future careers.

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Luisa Londono